Energy Efficient Homes

Today, value in a home is about much more than just square footage for the dollar. The average utilities cost, impact on your quality of life, and impact on the environment are all very important factors that discerning homebuyers have become very familiar with. Riverside Homebuilders is committed to building homes that are efficient, healthy, and clean. We use the latest technologies, designs, and methods to ensure that you are getting the absolute maximum from your home.

Here are just a few of the techniques and technologies we use in our new home builds:

  1. Sill plates (where horizontal members meet vertical members) are fully sealed in addition to the standard poly seals.
  2. Programmable thermostats that accurately control the temperature, reducing wasted cooling or heating capacity.
  3. Continues soffit vents on the horizontal joints as well as ridge vents in the attic provide unparallel air circulation while minimizing thermal “leaks” from the outside as well as within.
  4. Heat Pumps which keep consistent temperatures and use less space.
  5. R-38 rated ceiling insulation.
  6. Vinyl windows (on select models) provide significant savings by using tighter sealing to reduce unwanted air flow as well as being less conductive than aluminum. All while having a classier appearance and easier upkeep.
  7. R-15 rated insulation batts and poly sealed cavities (select homes only).
  8. Homes are fully sheeted, even behind siding.
  9. Energy Star Compliant appliances where applicable.
  10. Radiant barriers on decking to reduce heat transfer via radiation.
  11. Externally vented range hoods.
  12. Green house framing techniques such as fully insulated exterior walls.

While we aim to reduce the impact on your wallet, we are also focusing on ways to minimize your home’s impact to the environment. From the 100% recycled carpet padding materials to the R-410a refrigerant in the HVAC system, each product we use is hand-picked to leave the smallest carbon footprint and pose the least risk to the environment. We use local vendors whenever possible not just to improve the local economy, but to reduce the impact of shipping the materials. The health of your community is one of the most valuable assets it has, and we strive to keep it as good as it possibly can be.

Riverside Homebuilders – Where energy savings come standard with every home.