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Choose Your Free Bonus for a Move-in Ready Home

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When you’re shopping for a new home, you want the best value possible—a combination of location, the home’s design, quality, features, and the cost of ownership. That bottom line isn’t just the purchase price, but everything that contributes to owning and maintaining it. READ MORE

New Communities Coming Soon to Sanger


Small town living offers big benefits. Relax in a peaceful environment without crowds and traffic. Come home to a place where you know your neighbors and people look out for one another. And take stock of the simple pleasures that make every day special. Sanger, Texas, is this kind of small town in northeastern Texas—about 45 miles north of Dallas and Fort Worth and just minutes from Lake Ray Roberts. Riverside Homebuilders is creating opportunities for people to experience the quality of life in this town that is rich in heritage. We have new communities coming soon to Sanger, our first in this beautiful Denton County town. READ MORE

Choose Your Bonus—Plus $3,000 in Closing Costs at Kimbrough Place

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Choose Your Bonus—Plus $3,000 in Closing Costs at Kimbrough Place READ MORE

Finding the right neighborhood in Dallas/Fort Worth

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Finding the right neighborhood in Dallas-Fort Worth is simple. Zero in on a homebuilder who is truly invested in building communities that create a comfortable, satisfying lifestyle for every resident READ MORE

Springwood Ranch is now selling in Springtown—with great incentives

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Not long ago, we announced plans for our newest community, coming to Springtown, a small town about an hour outside of Dallas. We’ve got an update for you: READ MORE

Tips for creating a welcoming living room


The living room represents the space where people relax, entertain, watch television, and basically “live” in their home. It can also become cluttered, disorganized, or just not conducive to the purpose of this space. Riverside Homebuilders has built many homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and our design team helps people figure out what makes sense in every room. They’ve offered these tips for creating a welcoming living room. READ MORE

Innisbrook Place finishing Phase 2, opening Phase 3 with a new model home

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Launching a new community is an exhilarating time for a homebuilder. Closing out a community is exciting, too. Riverside Homebuilders is experiencing both situations, in one community. In Fort Worth, Innisbrook Place is finishing Phase 2 of the development and we’re opening Phase 3 with a new model home. READ MORE

Why choose a preferred lender?


You’re browsing a builder’s website and come across a list of mortgage professionals categorized as “Preferred Lenders”. Is this something you should consider? Who prefers them and why? When it comes to financing a new construction home, there are very good answers to the question, “Why choose a preferred lender?” Here’s why ​Riverside Homebuilders​ offers you this option. READ MORE