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How to Read a Floor Plan

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When shopping for a new home, you’ve likely collected a number of project brochures, each with four or more available floor plans. Making sense of this collection of floor plans to find those that best fit your needs and desires can be a daunting task. To make it easier to envision your new home from the perspective of a floor plan, we asked for advice from Steve Moore, senior partner in BSB Design, Inc., in West Des Moines, Iowa. With eight offices nationwide, BSB has been a pioneer in residential home space design since 1965. Moore suggests re-visiting each model home on paper with the following in mind to make the process easier:

Energy Efficient Windows Save You Money

It’s a story I've heard time and time again. Someone figures out they can save a little money during a new home build by using cheaper windows. Everything is great until the first hot summer or cold winter that comes around, and the homeowner notices how uncomfortable it is to sit anywhere near the windows. They immediately notice the discomfort, and it’s not long before they notice the utility bills that make them equally uncomfortable. Energy efficient windows can make your home more comfortable year round and will often pay for themselves in only a few years. Riverside Homebuilders are committed to saving you a small fortune on your utility bills. Here’s a quick explanation of how windows play their part.

5 Things you can do to have the home of your dreams.

You’re at the point where you’ve decided to purchase a newly built home, and you’ve come to realize there are two types: There’s a house, and then there’s the home you really want... the little piece of paradise that makes you excited every single time you pull into the driveway. The granite kitchen. The sublimely relaxing sunroom. The master bathroom that could double as an Icelandic spa and smells like lavender honey at all times. You can imagine that kind of perfection, but you know it’s just out of reach. Or is it?
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