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Homeowner's Insurance Checklist

Homeowner’s Insurance Checklist: What’s Covered? What’s Not? Knowing what a standard homeowner’s policy covers—and what it doesn’t—can keep you free from worry and save you money in the long run. .

New Homes in Leonard, Texas

We are excited to announce that we are building homes in Beautiful Leonard, Texas! Leonard is located in Southwest Fannin County, about 35 minutes from McKinney and 1 hour from Dallas.

One of the BEST One Story Floor plans

So you have decided to build a brand new home! HOW EXCITING!! Now comes the fun part which is picking out the perfect plan that works well for you and your family. Riverside Homebuilders can help you with that.

Why use Preferred Lenders?

Why should I use a builders preferred lender? What are the benefits of using their lender versus my own lender? These are questions every new homeowner asks. There are so many lenders to choose from but getting the best deal and best service is important when buying a new home! That's why at Riverside Homebuilders' we only use the Best in the Business!

Memorial Day Dip Recipes for 2016

Can you believe how fast 2016 is going by! How can Memorial Day weekend already be here? The good news is that Riverside Homebuilders has you covered! Here are some Memorial Day Dip Recipes that you will want to try this holiday weekend!!

Start Fresh! Buy New!

Why do more people buy new homes versus pre-owned homes? That is a great question! There are so many great reasons to buy a new home. Saving money and getting exactly what you want is just the beginning. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider buying a New Home from Riverside Homebuilders in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Never Forget Measurements Again

So you get to Lowe's or Home Depot looking to pick up a new area rug only to be confronted by a vast array of choices in not just style but sizes as well. At this point you realize that you have no idea what size you need to fully compliment the room. Photo Measures is the perfect app to help you save measurements and dimensions on your own photos.

Energy Efficient Windows Save You Money

It’s a story I've heard time and time again. Someone figures out they can save a little money during a new home build by using cheaper windows. Everything is great until the first hot summer or cold winter that comes around, and the homeowner notices how uncomfortable it is to sit anywhere near the windows. They immediately notice the discomfort, and it’s not long before they notice the utility bills that make them equally uncomfortable. Energy efficient windows can make your home more comfortable year round and will often pay for themselves in only a few years. Riverside Homebuilders are committed to saving you a small fortune on your utility bills. Here’s a quick explanation of how windows play their part.

5 Things you can do to have the home of your dreams.

You’re at the point where you’ve decided to purchase a newly built home, and you’ve come to realize there are two types: There’s a house, and then there’s the home you really want... the little piece of paradise that makes you excited every single time you pull into the driveway. The granite kitchen. The sublimely relaxing sunroom. The master bathroom that could double as an Icelandic spa and smells like lavender honey at all times. You can imagine that kind of perfection, but you know it’s just out of reach. Or is it?

Embrace the Outdoors in your New Home

Sure, summertime in Texas can be swelteringly hot, but it’s also the perfect time to get everything ready for the beautiful Fall season that’s just around the corner. In these magical months, many people find themselves spending more time on their patio than they do inside! Here are some great tips to help you turn your patio into the best hangout spot of your house.

Texas Housing Market One of the Top Five Most Improving States

Wednesday May 28th 2014 Freddie Mac released its Multi-Indicator Market Index(SM) (MiMi(SM)) showing Texas as one of the most improving states month-over-month (+0.10) and yearly at (+0.96). This coincides with the trend showing that the markets that are improving in housing activity are the ones most benefitting from the energy boom that is taking place along the country’s mid-section.

3 Reasons Texas Is Our Future

Back in October of 2013 TIME magazine ran a cover 'The United States of TEXAS – Why the Lone Star State is America’s future'. In the article, Tyler Cowen, author of the book Average Is Over takes a look at why Americans are headed to Texas….and maybe you should too.

Tips To A Successful Move

When it comes time to move on from your current residence, there are some necessary steps to take like boxing up your items and making sure your house or apartment is left clean and ready for the new renters or owners. But what about moving costs? While it would be great to just load up a moving truck and head to the open road, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment down the line. When you do decide to move, it's important to understand the costs involved. Here are a few tips that will ensure your move is a success.