5 Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Everyday Items in Your Home

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Reuse Books

Reusing hardcover books as accessories is an easy and inexpensive way to add to your home’s décor. For a complete transformation, paint or re-cover the exterior of your books. This will add uniformity and present the books more like a collection. To create an even more elegant look, use metallic spray paint to cover the edges of the pages. This transformative look is a simple way to add additional pattern and pops of color to your shelves. Books can also help to bring additional visual height when used vertically and length when added horizontally.  One other tip is to use books to help elevate smaller decorative items and to emphasize your prized collections.

Reuse Draperies

Adding draperies to a room will add personality and a sense of formality to a room depending on the texture, color, and print. They also can be a timeless addition to a room, but in many cases, draperies provide a perfect opportunity to update your room’s décor. My tip is not to quickly discard the drapes once you have selected another window treatment alternative. Draperies provide a large square footage of fabric with can be reused for other design projects. Reuse drapery fabric to create new pillow covers to transform seating or bedding.  Heavier drapery fabrics can be used to reupholster dining chair seats. Drapery panels cut and sewn lengthwise can make a great custom table runner.

Reuse Glassware

Glassware is also a great reusable item because it is found in so many varying shapes and sizes. The most reusable glassware items are the ones that can be used as vessels to hold or store other items. Clear glassware is flexible for any space because of its classic appearance and easy to blend capability. A great way to reuse barware glasses such as wine, cocktail, and beer is to add a votive or tea light candles to each and collage them to create a simmering centerpiece for your dining table.  This can be done on large or small scale depending on how dramatic the display. Another tip to creating a total transformation of your glassware is to paint them in a metallic finish. Incorporating metallic finishes is the new design trend and glassware makes it simple, easy, and inexpensive to achieve. Consider also using metallic paint finishes on bottles and glass canisters with interesting shapes. This creates interesting vessels as accessories and floral arrangements.

Repurposing items in design is a great way to think outside the box and to break the rules of typical design aesthetics. Adding repurposed items to your home can add elements which make your home more interesting, unique, and eclectic. Two items I like to repurpose are furniture and flooring. Here are a few tips to help you find a new purpose for traditional design items.

Repurpose Furniture

Wood furniture is usually made to be durable and built to last; however, there are times when the look of the furniture becomes outdated and less appealing to your style. At that point, it is recognized that it is time for an update. Completely replacing the furniture becomes the big topic of discussion when planning the next phase of design rehabilitation, but replacements can sometimes be cost-prohibitive. Achieving an updated designer look does not have to blow your budget.

One way to repurpose your furniture is to consider using your furniture in a nontraditional way. For example, consider moving furniture that has adequate storage such as dressers, night stands, and cabinets into unexpected areas. Horizontal dressers make great television stands and add additional storage for DVDs, game consoles, and media equipment, while a vertical dresser creates secure storage for special occasion dinnerware, utensils, table linens, and collectible items.  My tip for a total transformation is to repurpose lower kitchen cabinets to create a kitchen island, paint the cabinets in a fun or complimentary color, and change the knobs for an updated look. Cabinets can also be repurposed for additional garage storage.

Repurpose Flooring

Natural and stained wood will add warmth to any space. Wood accents have become a major focus for today’s design trends. Not only is wood used as flooring, but is also repurposed as a strong design feature on other surfaces. My tip for repurposing wood and laminate flooring is to create a focal point by adding the wood to your walls or ceilings. For a greater transformation consider repurposing wood as a back drop in your built-in bookcases or wrapping wood around your kitchen island.  The more interesting the wood grain or pattern the greater the impact!

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